Charactor Catagories


These are the Magically Talented Heroes, Fighters, Rogues, Wizards, these people advance in ‘Classes’ gaining levels. At the same time a Heroic Fighter is also a professional and treats this as a professional skill equal to their level, this allows them to hire and supervise both skilled and unskilled workers to act as support staff though this are not necessarily followers. The So called NPC classes Also gain a Level bonus when considering the leadership feat only, a lady with the Aristocrat class gains a +4 general level bonus to the leadership feat. This allows her to gain a Talented cohort at third level, but when added to added to the mundanes +6 level reaction bonus the same Lady Aristocrat at first level can have a Mundane Cohort with a +5 skill bonus, and five Mundane Followers with a +1 skill bonus.



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