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“The Worlds as people knew them has apparently been ripped apart physically; because that river, you see running from out of the snow capped mountains and foothills, cutting crazily through the local Baron’s western fields, wasn’t there six months ago. Then again neither were the Mountains, and the Single large moon with three smaller [What; yes all four, are not spheres but seem made of many flat surface plates], Uhm.. plus what appears to be a horde of trailing moonlets all colors of the rainbow [Plates? Sorry to small to tell.] The Clerics and their ilk talk in Whispers and have even been sighted talking with their own Gods Minions “On The Street”. The Elven folk simply look at the sky through the new army of moons, and speak of new Stars, and a new Arch Faery-prince.

Unbeknownst to you the same scene has been repeated with local variations across this new world. Who might know what could be happening on the New Moon Above.

I Do.

It is pretty much the same thing, but there are whispers in the dark about the restless dead and others of the Cursed Ones, tribesmen, and Clan-folk Berserkers speak of battles in the forest with The Cursed Weres and Vorpal Lagomorphs.

The Ethereal Sea, has been transformed, On the Ethereal Beach, the Ethereal matter…"
.> Drake Underhill..

Main Page

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